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    RE: Level 2, Elliott Wave Theory, Q&A's

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    Thanks Ross, It´s great you are trying to be helpfull. Good effort! Good luck with your exams! Vasile

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    level 2 prep

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    Hi everyone! I´m preparing for the Level 2 exam and right now I´m taking on De La Loma´s Study Guides. I think he´s made a mistake( among others throughout...

  • Ross Gordon

    Level 2, Elliott Wave Theory, Q&A's

    Posted in: General Discussio...

    Dear all CMT Level 2 candidates; As you may already know I prepare a MS Word file of Q&A's for each required reading. I always suggest turning the Q&A's into...

  • Vince Regan

    Behavioral Finance for Technicians

    Posted in: General Discussio...

    Hello, I had a rare window of opportunity to present to the Dallas Texas USA Chapter this month as I am seeking my next opportunity and free from compliance shackles. ...

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  • Dylan G. D'Costa

    Go Long EURCAD target 1.46 stop loss 1.40

    An out of favour currency today is the Euro and so suggesting one go long Euro against any currency especially one that...

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    Why Crown Castle International is Projected to Breakout to $100 1) From Jan 2009 until now, we observe that Price has been trading in...

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  • Muhammad Al Bermawy

    USDJPY Target 119 on the long run


    Hello everybody, It seems for me that USDJPY had broken the upper boundary of a Rising Wedge to reach it's...

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  • Muhammad Al Bermawy

    S&P500 with Three Line Break


    SP500 with Three Line Break ------------------------------------ Hello Everybody, In this post I will throw...

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    Turkey update....almost to the buy zone

    So far the count I laid out back in August is playing out nicely, got the B wave high and now in the midst of hopefully...

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    Will The NASDAQ Eclipse All Time Highs In 2015?

    The Nasdaq is almost a spitting distance from it's all time highs in the year 2000. The NASDAQ has had quite a run...


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