• Vince Regan

    Behavioral Finance for Technicians

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    Hello, I had a rare window of opportunity to present to the Dallas Texas USA Chapter this month as I am seeking my next opportunity and free from compliance shackles. ...

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    Nifty dangerously poised

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    Indian Stock markets are in a dangerous state right now. Markets have made a new top, but totally unsupported by volume. The price pattern is as follows Look at chart...


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    Was Sep 17th an intermediate top in the SPX ? Correction to 1835-1855 or possibly lower 1726-1735

    The Chart below is a weekly chart of the S&P 500 weekly chart displaying the Elliott Wave count. ​ As...

  • photo not available

    Go Long Gold and Gold Equities

    Going Long Gold Equities and Gold at this juncture seems counterintuitive with momentum very weak and the USD very...

  • Muhammad Al Bermawy

    Joe Granville Memorial Day

    On Joe Granville Memorial - Do you know On Balance Volume ? Yes - Do you know who Invented it ? No -...

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  • Muhammad Al Bermawy

    Will EGX30 find some support around 9300 ?

    Will EGX30 find some support around 9300 ? -------------------------------------------------------- (A)...

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  • Muhammad Al Bermawy

    The Dow Jones needs Momentum

    Hello my friends, The weekly Dow Jones CFD chart show a huge Rising Channel that is not confirmed with a potential...

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  • Bruce Kamich

    Support the study of technical analysis on the college campus!

    The fall fund raiser for the MTA Educational Foundation is only two months away. Now is the time for you to show your...


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