• Ross Gordon

    Fed Chairman Quote?

    Posted in: General Discussio...

    Hi All; I'm currently typing up my dissertation for the IFTA's Masters program. To cut a long story short I'm looking for the quote in which the Chairman of...


  • Rupam Shrivastava

    Monthly Market Direction – June 2015 – 7/9 in favor of the bull

    Continuing the market direction update via sector analysis. There are 9 sectors in the S&P500 represented by the...

  • Rupam Shrivastava

    Weekly Market Update – May 29 2015

    Stocks closed lower for the week though with 1% gain for the month. Outlook for the next week remains weak. All the technicals...

  • Rupam Shrivastava

    Weekly Trade log – May 29 2015

    Currently at $104, 660 or 4.6% versus 1.4% for SPX after 81 day

  • Rupam Shrivastava

    Trades done on May 29 2015 – NUE, KO

    NUE: This is a new stock and I like this one for many reasons. The stock stays in a defined range and the implied volatility...

  • Rupam Shrivastava

    Weekly Trade Log – May 22 2015

    At $4,130 or 4.1% versus S&P at 2.2%. Shaded rows are closed trades. Raising more cash by closing profitable positions...

  • Rupam Shrivastava

    Weekly Market Report – Week of May 25 2015

    The market seems to want a lot out of Yellen, but really nothing concrete can be had now. Whatever she says can have...


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