• Shane Skwarek

    Link for Today's Webcast "Trading the Janus Factor"...

    Posted in: General Discussio...

    We'd like to remind you to join us for today's free webcast as part of the MTA's Educational Web Series. Your participation in this webcast qualifies you for 2 MTA...


  • photo not available

    Gotta update the Turkey Trade for this Week!

    So Far so Good up over 15% since OCT wave ii low....nailed the turn and TUR now has a new high which can count as a clean...

  • photo not available

    Pull-back in micro-land into year end...then KaBoom!

    Seeing tons of individual stocks or what I refer to as micro-land completing 5 micro waves up in what would be a wave...

  • photo not available

    The Yield Curve Is Flattening!

    The yield curve is a wonderful forecasting tool to give some indication of the minimum duration of a bull market....

  • photo not available

    What Does The Consumer Sector Tell US About The Overall Market Health?

    To check on the overall health of the markets, one good area to look at is to see what the consumer stocks are doing....

  • Bruce Kamich

    24 hours to go before the MTAEF fund raiser at Baruch College

    There is still time to register for the MTA Educational Foundation fund raiser at Baruch College. Help support the world's...

  • Dylan G. D'Costa

    Crying Out Wolf on the SPX

    I have published a few blogs on the SPX in the last couple of years and as I warn of corrections mainly based on...


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