• Keith Newcomb

    RE:Level-3 Ethics

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    My CMT Level 3 Study Group asked the same question when we were preparing for the exam. We figured it could not hurt to know which concept matched which numbered...

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    Level-3 Ethics

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    Is it required to mention the ethics code number along with explaination to answer in the exam ?

  • Alex Spiroglou

    The Flash Hash - The Exaggerations of Michael L...

    Posted in: General Discussio...

    ========================================================= QUOTE OF THE DAY : ========================================================= "Understand that learning...

  • Tyler Wood

    Last Chance to Reserve your Seat - Gala Awards ...

    Posted in: General Discussio...

    2nd Annual Gala Awards Dinner Thursday April 3, 2014 The MTA cordially...

  • Buff Dormeier

    Market Commentary - Volume Analysis

    Posted in: General Discussio... Like it? Sign up at (Free - spread...


  • Joseph Smith

    Forex Technical Traders

    Forthcoming. Hello from a new affiliate here (3 years trading forex). Forex trading led me to technical analysis due to...

  • Robert Palmerton

    Why the S&P 500 Can Move Higher

    Several Market Technicians have been rather vociferous of late in characterizing the chart action as a gradual topping...

  • Muhammad Al Bermawy

    The Dollar Index and the upcoming 2014 Fall

    Hello everybody, This is an article I publishes several weeks ago, the conditions still exist so I think...

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  • Bruce Kamich

    CNBC guests today

    CNBC this morning has had on a noted academic and an award winning business journalist commenting on the market - two...

  • Muhammad Al Bermawy

    When will Gold return to rise

    Hello everybody, I think Gold is ready to rebound back again, if it break the Falling Channel upper boundary...

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  • photo not available

    Stocks To Watch

    Here are some setups I like. I don't currently have a position in any of them. It's interesting to note the dominant...


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