• Tyler Wood

    RE: MTA / CMT legal recognition?

    Posted in: General Discussio...

    Hi Ross, You can read more about the MTA's regulatory recognition at there is also a video interview from the MTA symposium which highlights...

  • Vince Regan

    RE: MTA / CMT legal recognition?

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    I believe you refer to the FINRA Series 86 exemption for the CMT for licensing analysts. Some of the MTA founding fathers worked for years to achieve this with...

  • Esther de S.G. Elkaim

    Look for a Career Change

    Posted in: General Discussio...

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a new position. Would anyone know of a position in South FL? Can anyone advise me a good headhunting or placement firm or advise...

  • photo not available

    Why technical analysts are celebrating this Bill...

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  • Ross Gordon

    MTA / CMT legal recognition?

    Posted in: General Discussio...

    Hi All, 6-8 weeks or so ago we all received an Email from the MTA commemoration some achievement and the 40th or 70th anniversary of such. Something about...


  • Rupam Shrivastava

    June 30th 2015 – Who sees a Head and Shoulders on SPX?

    I see one. Right there below. It is a tiny one - but nonetheless something to keep track of. Dont tell I didnt warn

  • Rupam Shrivastava

    Market Outlook for June 30 2015 - Neutral to negative and Greece dependent

    The daily market outlook is a short term analysis of the S&P 500. Barring major events, the short term outlook is...

  • Rupam Shrivastava

    Trade Ideas for the week of June 29 2015 - CSCO, DD, IBM, INTC, JCI, KO, NUE, PFE, PG, SLB, WMT, XOM

    Originally published on Below are 12 trade ideas for the week of June 29. Yes it is a good...

  • Rupam Shrivastava

    Weekly Trade Log – June 26 2015

    Originally published on Currently at 5.7% versus 1.1% of SPX in the past 109 days. Margin...

  • Rupam Shrivastava

    Weekly Market Outlook for Week of June 29 2015 – Still challenges

    Originally published on The weekly market report is a short to medium term analysis of the...

  • Rupam Shrivastava

    Making money on rangebound AAPL

    Originally published on Apple has been rangebound since I started this Euthenia Investing...


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