• Jeffrey Blaser

    2015 Annual Symposium Agenda

    Posted in: General Discussio...

    When will the 2015 Symposium Agenda be available? I thought I was reading it and realized I was reading the 2014 agenda. My mistake! Jeff Blaser


  • Isaac Figueroa Panduro

    Gold Weekly chart - Jan 2015

    This weekly chart shows us that we are still in a bearish market for gold and that there was also an important resistance at...

  • Bruce Kamich

    Great new book on point and figure - must add to library collection!

    1 person recommends this.
  • Isaac Figueroa Panduro


    Euro/US$ touched a very strong support between 1.1206 - 1.1220, any consolidation above that it might be a bounce, any...

  • Isaac Figueroa Panduro

    What is next for Crude?

    For the US Oil Crude West Texas, this triangle formation seems symmetrical which can tell us that it is a continuation...

  • photo not available

    EUR/GBP and Real-Time Elliot Wave

    Elliott Wave Analysis

    I find that Elliot waves often appear more clearly in FX markets than other markets. The current EUR/GBP position may...

  • Vince Regan

    Swiss-ageddon? SNB cuts Euro peg, what are teh ramifications?

    General Discussion

    The Martin Armstrong headline says it al ), it is simply another “no confidence” vote on the Euro. The EURCHF...


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